Find fast answers to our most frequently asked questions

Do you cover accidental damage to my bike if I crash it?

We sure do, and that’s one of the big advantages of this bicycle insurance policy. You are even covered when you race your bike and have the option to extend the coverage to riding and racing anywhere in the world.

Is my bike covered if I race my bike?

Yes, your coverage automatically applies to when you race your bike in the USA and Canada and can be extended to cover you for racing anywhere in the world.

Is my bike covered under my homeowners or renters insurance?

Each policy is different but the cover for bicycles in homeowners and rental policies are generally very limited. They usually have very low limits, so if you have a $2,000 bike and it gets stolen, and the limit on your policy is $500, you will only get $500. Homeowners and rental policies also usually don’t provide any coverage for damage while you ride your bike, especially if you race it.

How much should I insure my bike for?

This is a replacement value policy. The maximum value you've stated for your bicycle during your application is the maximum amount that we may pay up to in the event of a claim. You'll want to make sure the limit is high enough to replace your bike as it is currently configured. Don't forget to add the value of your accessories, spare parts and other components you want covered.

Do you cover e-bikes?

We think e-bikes are awesome and we cover them the same way as we cover any other bicycle with the added protection for your e-bike battery. Please make sure that you let us know by selecting the e-bike option when prompted in the quote process.

Will you cover me for a trip to Europe?

Our physical damage coverage can be extended to cover your bike anywhere in the world with our optional Worldwide protection.

Is my bicycle covered if I drive into a parking garage forgetting it is on my car's roof?

With Chain Reaction Cycles Insurance your bicycle would be covered; however, damage to your car and/or garage would typically be covered under your auto or homeowners policy.