Coverages designed to keep you in the saddle

Whether you cycle for fun, leisure or are a serious KOM / QOM chaser, our insurance coverages offer you a new level of protection.

  • Theft

    Theft happens. We'll pay you the replacement cost of your bike and any insured parts & accessories if your stead is stolen at or away from home. 

  • Accidental Damage
    Accidental Damage

    If you accidentally damage any part of your frame or totally write off your pride and joy we'll cover the cost. Plus, we even include vandalism protection. 

  • Crash Damage
    Crash Damage

    A slip on a corner, a jump gone wrong or even a knock whilst on the rack! Whatever's inflicted on your bike, it'll be covered.

  • Insured Full Value
    Insured at Full Value

    We know that your bike is priceless, that's why we don't depreciate bikes of any age. You'll be covered for the value you've insured it for. 

  • Worldwide
    Worldwide Protection

    Whether your shredding down the Alps, racing the roads or taking a leisurely break with your loved one (we mean your bike), our Worldwide Physical Damage coverage will protect you when traveling the World. 

  • Competition

    Wherever and whatever you compete in, we'll pick up the tab for accidental damage, crashes and theft.Included as standard. 

  • Competition Fee Reimbursement
    Competition Fee Reimbursement

    We know how expensive it can be to get to the start line. If your devastated to miss your race we'll refund you up to $500 per event. 

  • Vehicle Contact Protection
    Vehicle Contact Protection

    Designed to protect you against drivers that aren't properly insured. If you're injured by a motor vehicle, we'll take care of the costs. 

  • Roadside Assistance
    Roadside Assistance

    If you breakdown we'll get you moving again. Nationwide 24-hour emergency service with up to 35 miles of transportation per breakdown.

  • In-Transit

    Wrap your bike with some extra protection when you travel. Any damage or loss in transit, by airline or courier, will be covered by our in-transit policy benefit. 

  • Medical Payments
    Medical Payments

    We can help with the pain of medical costs if you're injured while riding. You choose a limit between $1,000 - $10,000

  • Liability

    We'll protect you against Liability damage claims if you're responsible for injury or property damage to other road users while riding your bike. This extends to Competitions if you've selected that option. 

  • Liability Active
    Liability Active

    If selected "racing" as a usage, you will have liability active coverage

  • Rental Reimbursement
    Rental Reimbursement

    Bike damaged or stolen while at a race or event? We'll keep you rolling with cover for renting a replacement bicycle if yours has been stolen or damaged while your away from home. Plus, we won't charge you an excess to get you your hire wheels.

  • Accessories

    If you've got all the gear, we'll protect it for free! With our standard bicycle or e-bike insurance policy, we'll cover up to $1000 with no deductable for damage or loss to your apparel and gadgets. 

  • Spare Parts
    Spare Parts

    If you file a claim on your bike for damage, loss or theft, as part of our standard policy we'll provide up to $1000 for any damage or loss to additional (and expensive) spare parts. 

  • Triathlon Transition
    Triathlon Transition

    Don't worry about leaving your valuable kit in transition. Our policy protects you against your bike and accessories going missing in this busy area. 

  • Vandalism

    It seems unlikely but if anyone damages your pride and joy, we'll cover you for that too. 

  • Additional Bike Discount
    Additional Bike Discount

    If you follow the N+1 rule we think your great and will reward you! You could receive up to 40% off your stable. 

  • Battery Insurance
    Battery Insurance

    If you have our E-bike coverage, our battery protection is included. Because your bike battery can get stolen or damaged too. 

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service

    Our USA team provide customer service as fast as they ride. Get in touch by phone, email or live chat to talk bikes (and insurance). 

  • Monthly Payments
    Monthly Payments

    If you choose to pay monthly, you can purchase peace of mind for less than the price of a double espresso a week! 

  • Flexible Deductibles
    Flexible DeductIbles

    Your ride, your choice. You decide the deductibles for your cover from $100 - $500 - much less than what you'd find on a homeowners policy.